Welcome to FireHouses of Ohio the home of Ohio's Firehouses. The additions never stops from apparatus updates, new deliveries, exercises, and working incidents. Any help we receive in the way of apparatus being positioned to access at fire scenes is always greatly appreciated.

Good afternoon everyone we have spoken with CFD PIO Battalion Chief Tracy Smith at 1418 hours regarding the condition of Lt. Stu Tudor. The department is appreciative of everyone's concern and he is in critical condition. The next 48 hours is the most critical and then an update will be released regarding his condition. Please do not contact individual fire stations they will not be able to release any additional information.

Things continue to be busy which its easy to track what we do with our Facebook page on line it makes it even easier for you to see our latest activities. Our main hard drive which holds all of our images failed and will need to head off to be recovered. Your financial support is extremely crucial now more than ever as we've received an estimate of $1,000 to complete this job. Our site averages over 50,000 visits per month, if our visitors will purchase one $4 photo while your here this will help us to keep posting many of the images you enjoy viewing here. Thank you in advance for your support.

We do not mind answering questions about truck specs for those working on new bids however please identify yourselves including a contact number for verification purposes. We will be happy to answer as many questions as possible or if we aren't sure of the correct answer we will have someone who can give you that information provide it.

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